What's New On Strength of Seduction

  • Sexy and Solo

    Need some alone time? Sexy n Solo is the solo workout program that targets the full body. No man required.

  • Bodyweight Blast

    6 seasons

    Our latest high-intensity workout series. This is the ultimate bodyweight series to shred fat and gain muscle.

  • The Couple's Masterclass

    11 seasons

    The Couples Masterclass is a deep dive into the Strength of Seduction Book. Need to cuddle up and relax? Put this on!

  • Sensual Stretches

    Just need to stretch out with a certain someone? Get close and personal with this smooth stretch program.

  • Pregnancy Strength

    Who says you can't get in shape while pregnant? Working with your partner exercise and build muscle while pregnant!

  • Baby Got Back

    Need to gain in the glutes? This program is all about sculpting your lower half to get that 'boom.'

  • Pregnancy Stretch

    Stretch out from carrying a baby all day. Intimate stretches to loosen up cramps and tight muscles.